Samfylkingin – The Icelandic Social Democratic Party 2017-09-26T12:19:41+00:00

We are the Icelandic Social Democratic Party fighting for a fairer and healthier society. We emphasise the the freedom of each individual to do his/her own work and to express him/herself in a democratic society. We campaign for social rights, a robust healthcare and welfare system, distribution of wealth, gender equality, comprehensive education on all levels, environmental protection and more.

Ahead of the Parliamentory elections in October 2016, we are emphasising: 

  • Providing the best healthcare in the world – free of charge.
  • Putting families first – better parental leave and  higher child benefits.
  • Safe housing , especially families and young people
  • That the wealth created with our natural resources (fisheries, tourism) is distributed more evenly.
  • Higher pensions for the elderly and benefits for people with disabilities.

Our priorities

Our priorities are to rebuild the health services to become the world’s best. This we can do by strengthening the public health service, providing more funds for hospitals and healthcare centres around the country, and better including psychiatric services into the basic health care system.

A jumpstart in the housing market

We want to help repair the housing market by increasing rental apartments by 5000 during the next electoral term, including 1000 new apartments for students. We want to support those who rent in the same way as those who own apartments. We will also assist people who lack sufficient funds for their down payments for their first apartments.

Reforming the fisheries system to finance a great health care system
-the best in the world.

Samfylkingin (the Social-Democratic Alliance) will reform the fisheries system by auctioning a share of the fishing quotas to the highest bidders. That way our resource wealth can pay for better public services rather than end up in the pockets of relatively few individuals.

A new constitution

We will continue with the nationally owned constitutional process based on the constitutional council and referendum of 2012.

Investing in higher education

Samfylkingin will stop the drain of funding from the University system and sees investment in higher education as a basis for the knowledge economy necessary to create interesting job opportunities for young Icelanders.

Inside EU

The Icelandic nation must decide on the future of accession to the EU, where Samfylkingin believes it will be to Iceland’s great benefit to join other European nations and have the option of a new, stable currency instead of the Icelandic króna. This is a vital element in building a stable new knowledge economy where innovative companies can thrive in Iceland.

A more equal, multicultural society:

Samfylkingin wants a lively multicultural society that has not prejudices. Immigrants must have the opportunity of learning Icelandic and embrace the most important aspects of Icelandic society, but they should also preserve their own heritage and disseminate it to other residents in Iceland.

We want to give a warm welcome to foreigners who come to live in Iceland and make it easy for them to become active participants in Icelandic society, cultivate their culture and disseminate it.

We want to ensure teaching of Icelandic and Icelandic society for foreigners free of charge, both in schools and at the workplace.

We want the education and work experience of immigrants to be appraised in consultation with schools and industry. Courses should be developed that bridge the gap between education abroad and the needs of Icelandic industry.

We want to ensure the equal position of foreigners in the workplace and prevent social dumping such that all hiring of foreign workers is in concordance with existing wage agreements.