Let‘s journey together

Verum Samfó!

Over the next years, S-listinn wants to work to make necessary changes to the schools in Norðurþing in step with the changing needs of the community.

  • This includes changes and improvements to the schools in Húsavík and Lundur, finding ways to make even better use of the school facilities in Raufarhöfn, planning for a new preschool in Húsavík and working with the local community to find a solution for the preschool in Kópasker.
  • We want to evaluate and assess the social services for the elderly to make the system work better for all.
  • We want to increase the position of fjölmenningarfulltrúi (multi-cultural coordinator) to better provide services for all who move to Norðurþing, so newcomers can more easily find their way to being active members of society.
  • Over the next term, town planning in all parts Norðurþing will be evaluated with emphasis on providing a green and family oriented future.
  • Climate issues will be part of the planning process, for example encouraging the development of „greener industry“ as well as making improvements in the towns to encourage walking and biking and access to green areas.
  • With this we want to ensure that Norðurþing is in position to be a good modern community where everyone can find their place.
  • We want to make sure that the facilities owned by Norðurþing are in good condition for the employees and those who use them.
  • Everyone deserves a healthy and safe workplace. We plan to start a program of increased maintenance on buildings such as schools, swimming pools and other sports facilities.